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4 Podcasts for Bloggers

Here are four of my favorite podcasts for bloggers and influencers!

If you’re interested in learning more about blogging or influencer marketing, podcasts can be a great resource. My favorite episodes tent to be on the shorter side, include actionable advice, and ignite a spark of inspiration.

From motivating guests, insider interviews, quick tips, Q&As, a deep dive on partnering with brands, and more – these popular online entrepreneurs are some of my favorites to listen to.

The Best Podcasts for Bloggers

Swipe Up

I started following Katherine through her blog, Slightly Savvy. She was always giving amazing insight on her Instagram Stories, so when she launched her podcast – I knew it would be gold. Her background is in public relations and she has worked with some of the most well known content creators on YouTube. I love how transparent she is and you will too!

A Drink with James

James Nord is the CEO of Fohr. Hearing his thoughts on what’s happening in the influencer marketing space is always refreshing. He shares tips and tricks on the business of influence. The episodes are usually just under 30 minutes but pack tons of awesome insight. I look forward to his weekly updates on what’s working, emerging trends, and more.

Influencers Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose

If you’re looking for a super quick motivational kick, you need Jenny! She helps you think about your blog as a business, and gives you the tools to get there. She has a Facebook group and courses (free and paid) to give you the confidence you need when growing your blog and monetizing your influence.

Blogging, Unscripted

I started listening to Danielle several months ago. Every single episode has been so inspiring and as a blogger herself, she knows the struggle. Danielle shares unfiltered advice, productivity tips, and social strategies. My favorite thing about Blogging, Unscripted are the Q&As. Danielle asks her Facebook group what we want to hear or learn more about – then will create content deepening on our answers.

Final Thoughts

Even if you aren’t a typical podcast listener, I recommend giving these a go! They’re short and sweet – perfect for commuting, when you’re doing the dishes, or wondering what your next move with be with your blog.


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