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How to Adapt Your Content During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, here are a few tips on how to adapt your content during the coronavirus pandemic.

As a blogger, your content has probably shifted a bit within the past month or so.

I recently attended a virtual chat with other content creators to discuss what’s next for influencers, how to pitch brands during all of this, and how to set yourself up for success. Here are the highlights I took away from the call and what I’m currently doing!

What type of content should I create?

Since most of us are social distancing and have been for weeks, we’re spending a lot more time at home. That might mean we’re spending more time in the kitchen, or working on crafts, or finally tackling that home renovation, or backyard garden. Once all of this is over with, who knows what travel will look like… There’s a lot of uncertainty, but you can still provide quality content!

Ask your audience what they want to see. Here are some thought starters:

Travel bloggers: Staycations, road trips, local gems, destination inspiration for the future

Food bloggers: Bread, frozen food, canned goods, yeast-free, comfort food, meal planning

Lifestyle bloggers: DIY crafts, reviews, what to watch, favorite workout routines, home decor/renovations

Should I wait to launch my new blog?

No way! If you were planning on launching, don’t let this discourage you.

Are you still pitching brands?

I am – and I’m still receiving emails from brands interested in collaborating. If you’re wanting to reach out to brands, think of it as truly supporting these brands and how you can add value to them during this time.


What if I’m in a creative rut?

I’ve had my fair share of zero motivation days, so give yourself some grace and permission to rest if you need to rest. If you want to work on your blog, but not necessary create content, here are some things you can work on:

  • Work on your SEO and keyword research
  • Update your media kit
  • Repost old blog posts on social
  • Create case studies for past partnerships
  • Refresh your blog design
  • Create a [free] email opt-in for subscribers

Stay well, friends!

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