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How To Optimize Your Instagram Bio

What makes an ideal Instagram bio? How do you make the best first impression possible and keep users coming back? Follow these tips to optimize your Instagram bio.


Your bio is the first glimpse into your Instagram profile. It tells users what you’re all about. Your Instagram bio includes valuable information about who you are, what type of content your audience can expect, and hopefully a call to action with a link.

Having an engaging Instagram bio can lead to new followers, website clicks, emails, and eventually brand partnerships! What blogger doesn’t want that? So take a few minutes and make sure your IG bio is the best it can be.


To edit your IG bio, tap Edit Profile and get to work. Before you start editing, make sure you’ve switched to a business profile. By doing this, you’ll have access to insights, be able to select a category for your profile, as well as include contact options and a call to action button.

I chose to include my full name because my handle is [my blog name] @theurbenlife. In addition to my full name, I included that I am a food blogger. This is a personal preference and also depends on how many characters you have available.

Next, I include exactly what type of content my followers can expect to see. Notice that I included hashtags! Next, I share where I’m located and where I will be traveling in the next few months. I wrap up my bio with my contact email and what you can expect to see if you click on the link below.

I currently have my link in bio set to take you to my blog’s homepage. You can also choose to direct clicks to a specific blog post or link tree. With a business account, you get to select your category (blogger, local business, product/service, art, etc.), contact options (email, phone, address), and an action button (book, get tickets, etc.)


Your name

Of course, you need to include your name! It’s up to you if you want to make that your real name, your full name, or your blog name.

Your Content

Are you a lifestyle blogger? Use the first line of your bio to explain what that means. Example: Home | Style | Motherhood | Beauty. Travel blogger? Let us know if you specialize in luxury or affordable trips.


It’s important to include your hometown or large city your closet to for two main reasons. First, users are likely to follow bloggers who are close in proximity. Second, you want brands to know where you’re located so you’ll get the inside scoop for local events.


Even though you get an action button with your business profile account, I highly recommend adding your email to your bio directly as well. Often times brands and PR reps research on Instagram to create lists. If you have your email easily accessible, you have a higher chance of getting yourself on their email list.

Call To Action

You should be linking to your blog, featured article, or landing page in your bio. Tell us what we can expect when we click that link! Will it take us to your homepage, a new recipe post, an article featuring you?

Have additional characters?

If you have additional characters include upcoming trips, more about you, your favorite quote/verse, etc.


Feeling inspired to update your Instagram bio? Let me know if I can help! Have anything to add? I’d love to start a conversation in the comments section. Oh, and let’s connect on Instagram 🙂 You can follow me here!


How to optimize your Instagram bio


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