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How To Use Trello as a Blogger

Are you ready to get your blog organized? Do you constantly have a million content ideas running through your mind? Plan your blog content on Trello and stay on top of all your blog to-do’s!

I was first introduced to Trello about 5 years ago at my first job out of college. We had several boards to coordinate the lifestyle of projects. Trello is intentionally geared towards organizing collaborative tasks.

Even if you’re a solo professional blogger, setting up these systems sets you up for success in the future!

What is Trello?

Trello is a web-based project manager. Think to-do list on steroids! There are 3 main elements: Boards, Lists, and Cards.

Trello Board

You can have endless boards, for broad topics or projects. For my blogging businesses, I only use 1 board with several lists.

Trello Lists

Each board is broken into lists. I have one for long-term stretch goals, another for reminders and to-do items, and then the standard kanban components.

Trello Cards

Cards live under lists! Now you can assign each task, reminders, idea, to-do item, ect. a dedicated card. Cards can easily be moved list to list!

How To Set Up Trello Board (EXAMPLE)

Like I said, I have 1 main board for my blog. I break my lists down into Reminders/Ideas, In Progress, Blocked, and Completed?

Let’s say I have 10 new blog post ideas, they will each have their own card.

Within the card, I might have notes, attachments, a checklist, labels, due date, and possibly guest members.

As I start working on a blog post, I will drag that card into “In Progress”. When I publish the blog post, I will move it to “Completed”.

Let’s say that I run into a roadblock and can’t publish until I take a few photos. In that case, I’ll move the card to Blocked until I’m ready to start progress on the task again.

So, what do I do with all my completed cards? I let them pile up for the week then archive the cards I no longer need.

What if I need to work on that task again? No problem, I can search for it in my board and copy or move it.

You also have the option to fully delete the card.

Ways That I Use Trello as a Blogger

  1. Editorial Calendar
  2. Future Post Ideas
  3. Reminders
  4. Stretch Goals
  5. Personal Organization

Are you a fan of Trello? How do you organize your boards?

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