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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms

These Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms help bloggers connect with brands to create content together!

Once you’ve established your blog and gained the trust of your followers, often times the next goal is to partner with brands. There are several ways to do this but this blog post will focus on creating sponsored content.

You may receive emails or DMs from brands, or maybe you pitch to brands yourself. Don’t forget to sign up on influencer marketing platforms and check them throughout the month.

These platforms serve as a middle man between you and the brand. When I was first starting out, I didn’t get a ton of work from these platforms. Most of my collaborations came from email pitches. In 2019, I personally have seen a shift to working more and more with PR agencies and getting work through these platforms. So, go sign up now!!

The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

There are probably hundreds of platforms but these are my top picks! If I left one out that you think should have made the list, please let us know.


I only recently started using this platform but I love it! When you first get signed up, you’re eligible to apply for up to 5 campaigns. The brands on AspireIQ often times only work with influencers and bloggers through the platform, so it’s a great way to establish a connection with a large brand.

When you apply for a campaign, you see what the brand is looking for, then set your rate. Once you apply, you are then able to send the brand a message.

InfluenceHer Collective

This platform not only hosts awesome campaigns but also has so many facets. IHC has Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, an extensive resource library, and very informational emails.


I started getting work from Mavrck at the beginning of 2019. They have influencer recruiters who send you emails with pitches that includes a link to apply. The emails explain the brand, collaboration, timeline, guidelines, content, selection process, and payment.

Find Your Influence

FYI is a unique platform because they offer both campaigns and exchanges. I have only ever participated in their campaigns, so I can’t speak to their exchanges.

The applications and briefs are detailed, which is super helpful! Know that you can negotiate rates on campaigns, so don’t decline a project right off the bat without trying to get your rate.


One of my absolute favorites!! Ahalogy/Quotient partners with some of my dream brands and I was able to work with one this year (so far). Their applications are more time consuming, as they often ask for 2-3 content ideas. But I feel like they’re worth it! You set rates in your profile settings, so make sure to fill those fields out.

TIP: Be as detailed as possible when filling out your content concepts. A little extra work can go a long way!


This was probably one of the first influencer marketing platforms I got accepted into. I haven’t applied to any of their campaigns recently but I love their dashboard. Once you connect your blog and social accounts to Clever, they give a really nice display of your metrics.

Social Fabric

SoFab has great campaign opportunities, especially if you’re in the food, wellness, or lifestyle niche. The programs have a set rate, with clearly defined goals, and deadlines. The creator briefs are well detailed and the team is great at communicating.


They also send collaboration opportunities via email. Collectively offers in-kind, unpaid, and paid partnerships. They have connections with some really cool brands and since you don’t have to spend time check their platform all the time, it’s a great one to get signed up with.


This platform always has tons of campaigns to apply to. The opportunities on ACTIVATE range from food and lifestyle, to travel, and more! There’s always at least one to apply for. The details are clear on what is expected and when you apply, you set your rate and have the option to send a message to the brand.

Influence Central

Even though I’ve only applied to a few campaigns on this platform, Influencer Central partners with really cool brands. Their system only shows opportunities that match the details in your profile so (like the others) it’s really important to keep everything up to date.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms Bloggerbytes

Final Thoughts!

Don’t knock influencer marketing platforms until you try a few. You won’t always get selected for a campaign, but keep at it. Did I leave off your favorite platform? Let me know why you love them!

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