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All About Influencer Campaign Overview Reports

Learn how to create a post-campaign report for your influencer marketing campaign! Here’s everything you need to know about reporting ROI as a blogger or content creator.

You landed a campaign with one of your dream brands. You created awesome content that your audience loved and resonated with. Now what?

Show off all your hard work with a campaign report! These are also referred to as collaboration recaps, partnership summary, proof of performance, or a close report. They should be easy to understand and rather simple.

The goal is to send your brand contact a copy, that may then get forwarded to their team or supervisors. Here’s why you should take the extra time to pull a campaign report together:

  1. It will impress the brand and help you stand out.
  2. It can double as a case study to add to your portfolio.
  3. It may help justify your rates moving forward.
  4. It opens the conversation for more opportunities.

Should every influencer create and send a campaign report? YES! Whether it’s your 1st or 1,000th campaign, spend a little time afterwards to create the doc

What if the collaboration was unpaid? HECK YES! Even more of a reason to compile your results and brainstorm ideas for upcoming paid projects.

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What to include in a campaign report?

This can vary campaign to campaign, but in general, you want to include high-level campaign performance metrics. Here’s a breakdown on what to highlight.

Influencer Report Template


  • This section should include your name and link to published posts.
  • It’s also a good idea to share the brand campaign details.
    • For example: Which product what featured, deliverables, campaign dates, etc.
  • Highlight the KPIs (key performance indicators) or goals.
  • Optional: A photo or two from the campaign. This is especially nice to include if you offer usage rights and image licensing in your influencer campaign contract.

Success Metrics

  • Post engagement rate
  • Impressions vs. reach
  • Website traffic
  • New followers
  • Conversion rate

Key Results

  • Testimonials
  • Total click-throughs
  • Average time on website (if applicable)
  • Revenue generated


  • Audience feedback
  • Public comments
  • Messages received

Blog Campaign Report Tips

  1. Calculate the total impressions number for the entire campaign. Stick that large number in an easy to find place!
  2. Add your branding, when possible. Even if that’s just using the same font and similar colors to your media kit and rate sheet. (Pssst… Need a new media kit or rate sheet template?)
  3. Include additional insights in your email response back to your brand or agency contact! This might make sense if you had a higher than average email open or click rate, saves, shares, tags, etc.

Campaign Overview Report Email Templates

Reaching out with a wrap-up campaign report is a fantastic way to prove the ROI and begin the conversation for future partnerships.

If you’re ready for long-term partnerships and repeat business, try these sample templates the next time you send over your campaign overview report!

Sample Email Template
Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you and your team on this campaign. I absolutely loved getting to share the products with my audience.

Overall, we received:
– XXX impressions across XYZ deliverables
– X% engagement rate
– X% conversion rate/# items sold

Please find the full report attached!

Also, I am looking ahead at my spring/summer/fall/holiday content calendar and would love to partner up again! I know my audience would love to learn more about X. If you’re interested in working together on another campaign, please let me know and I’ll send over a few content ideas for approval.

*You can also take this opportunity to address what worked well and what didn’t in your previous campaign. If something didn’t work out according to plan, share the adjustments you plan to make moving forward.

Top Takeaways

  • Finish your brand collaborations off strong by sending over a wrap-up report.
  • Keep it clean and easy to skim. I actually recommend trying to keep it to 1 page!
  • Highlight key metrics and results.
  • In your follow up email, express gratitude for working together, and pitch ideas for future campaigns.
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