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TikTok Tips

Have you jumped on the TikTok bandwagon? It’s pretty addicting and such a breath of fresh air from all the algorithms and typical rules of social media.

Keep these things in mind when creating content on TikTok:

Follow Trends

Remember when everyone was creating whipped dalgona coffee? Scroll through your For You page to see what other people are sharing. You can also check out the Discover page to find trending hashtags. Use trending songs on the app for additional visibility.

Use Hashtags

How do you expect to grow and have others find you if you don’t fill out your caption complete with hashtags? Use a mix of relevant and niche hashtags mixed with popular, trending, and broad hashtags!

Post Daily

Or at least as frequent as possible. Videos should be entertaining or informational! Since the videos are short-form, consider including text overlays , to help users digest the content quickly.

Don’t delete “poor-preforming” posts! Videos on TikTok can go viral at anytime.

Engage with Users

Comment on videos, engage with other creators, duet with accounts in your niche!

Dig Into Analytics

TikTok provides some great insight into how users found your content, what time your followers are active, and additional demographics

Cross Promote

Download your TikTok videos to your phone or share directly in the app to Instagram or Instagram Stories. My favorite way of doing this is clicking on the 3 dots, scrolling over to save as a live photo, head to your photos, and export as a video. That will keep your sound and make the TikTok logos smaller.

Hope these tips were helpful! Let’s connect on TikTok. Follow me here (:


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Patricia @ Grab a Plate
Patricia @ Grab a Plate
1 year ago

Thank you! Good info – I know next to nothing about TikTok!

1 year ago

These are such great tips for using TikTok! I have yet to brave this platform, but I see it’s popularity everywhere!

Kelly Bolen
1 year ago

I need to start doing TikTok, so thank you for the tips!!!!

1 year ago

Thanks for the information. I have not tried this out yet.